Trust by Kylie Scott.

I was blessed by the publishers of this book who felt it fot to lay this upon me for free through Netgalley, so thank you! Although as always, this book will receive a completely honest review… which is pretty hard when the book is so god damn good.

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I can only find a link to buy this in eBook so I’m guessing it’s not a physical book yet. But it better had be and soon because I need it on my shelf. And this book came out in May so it’s already there for you to get your hands on.

I only discovered Kylie Scott last month. My friend put me onto the first book in her Stage Dive series (New Adult books that follow the sexy antics of a rock band). I was hooked pretty much instantly and read them all within about a week. Anyone who knows what I’m like knows I don’t rate New Adult highly, pretty much ever BUT I was throwing 4 and 5 stars at this.

So when I saw this on Netgalley I had to request it. Then when I got it I had to read it. I read this in less than a day. This book was so easy to read, I really love short chapters which this has and I never felt any kind of struggle to carry on reading, if anything I had to turn my phone off to stop myself reading this and sleep last night.

This book is more of an older young adult book than a new adult. It follows Edie and her life after she is caught in the middle of an armed robbery. I say this is an older young adult book as there is still some very sexy scenes in this as well as some hard topics. One thing that did stand out for me was the message of consent and safe sex, it wasn’t in your face but always great to see as a normal thing in young adult books because Consent and safe sex should be a normal part of everyone’s lives.

There are some quite dark issues explored in this book, drug taking, robbery, weapons, slut shaming, body negativity/positivity but I felt like it was all done really well. These felt like real issues rather than issues thrown in to add drama to the book. It all felt quite natural, even though it is super action packed. Poor Edie has a lot on her plate and although I felt it was a lot to happen I didn’t 100% think that this couldn’t all happen to one person.

I also loved the main relationship in this book. This is a swoon worthy romance but once again it felt real! I didn’t feel like I was reading a fairytale, I felt like I was reading a 17 year old girls diary, which I loved.

There were a couple of thins I didn’t like about the book. Firstly I wanted it to be longer. I wanted to know what happened next. I didn’t get enough. I need more.

And my only real criticism (I can’t really criticise length just because I wanted more) were the side characters. I didn’t really feel any of them got any development and that they were sometimes just pointlessly put in to bulk things out a bit. Which is a shame because these characters could have been more (and hopefully will be in the future, please Kylie give me more books to this).

I was obesessed with My Mad Fat Diary (still pretty much am) and this was very similar feeling. I loved that this main character was a bigger girl but that this wasn’t the focal issue and although she had insecurities like everyone else, her size didn’t define her or this story. 

I just loved this so much and I insist you all but it and read it so we can discuss it and then form a pressure group to get more books about Edie and John!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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