Into the Water by Paula Hawkins.

Please check out the Goodread’s page here: Into the Water.

This will be a spoiler free review!

**Trigger warnings** rape, violence.

Was I the only one that found Girl on the Train a little bit lacking? I mean I liked it well enough but I wasn’t sure it was really worth the hype it was given. This is the newest book from the same author as Girl on the Train, still I can’t say I’ve heard a lot about it.

It was the synopsis that triggered my interest. I’m not amazing with author names so I picked this up without realising who the author was, which I’m pretty glad about because I don’t think I would have picked this up had I known.

The story here follows Jules, who has to go back to her hometown to look after her niece after Nel, her sister in whom she didn’t speak had died. Nel had phoned Jules before her death and she had ignored her which made her feel guilty. But nothing is simple, especially considering how Nel died, in a place they call the drowning pool. A place Nel was obsessed with, that Jules loathed and where a teenage girl saw the same fate as Nel only a few months before. Will the secrets of the drowning pool ever reveal themselves? 

I liked the sound of this from the start. This is more than just a mystery and a thriller, which I really liked. Although this book isn’t quite supernatural (no ghosties walking around I’m afraid) it is spooky and in a way, for a lot of the book, that you’re not sure why. This really gave me the creeps.

One thing to note is that this book is from dual perspectives. This I think really enriched the story as it progressed but was confusing at the beginning. There’s a lot of variety in the characters too, I liked the way some of them straight out lied to you, I guess so all want to see the best in people and this book really plays on that. 

The end for me was guessable ish. I didn’t guess it all by a long way but there were a few bits I called before it happened. Part of me thinks the author allowed these few victories to put you off the main twists and turns.

If you’re interested in a mystery thriller with a bit of a twist I suggest picking this up. It was a fantastic read and gave so much more than I was expecting.


Thanks for reading 🙂


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