Full Tilt by Emma Scott.

My lovely friend Angelica sent me this as part of a book swap, I received it yesterday and devoured it. This is her favourite book and I can totally see why. For the Goodread’s page please click the link here: Full Tilt Goodread’s Page.

This story Kacey, a guitarist on the brink or rock stardom and on the brink of a drink fuelled breakdown. Jonah who hasn’t got long left and is determined to make a legacy for himself. Jonah can see Kacey is on the path to self destruction and offers to help her get away from everything for a couple of days to get herself together. Neither of them knew they’d have a connection, a friendship and something much more that could build them up but destroy them too.

I fucking loved this book. If you’ve read my reviews before I struggle with New Adult but this book is in the ranks of Colleen Hoover, this is so much more than some early twenties anger and sexy times (though there are both of these and they are wonderful). This book is full of emotion.

I’m not going to lie to you, I cried. I don’t mean shedding a tear I mean full of crying where I felt like I couldn’t breath. You know what’s going to happen in this book (and that’s not a spoiler) but I was not prepared for this. I’m not ready to let this story go yet. 

I thought the characters were pretty unique in their stereotypes. And I loved that Kacey wasn’t looking for a bad boy and Jonah was so lovely. I love when the boys in romance books are lovely. 

I also think the subject matter in this book is handled really well. I didn’t feel like it was exploitive for entertainments sake and it was really nice to feel like that when you finish a book. I genuinely feel emotionally raw and I’m sure it’s going to take me quite a while to get over this.

Finally, how gorgeous is this cover?  When you’ve read this book and you look at the cover you’ll see even more beauty in it.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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