July 2017 TBR!

It’s July. I am feeling summer and I am feeling reading glorious books. I haven’t really stuck to my TBR’s lately but I still think they’re fun to do! And I’d like to give them a go still. 

What will I read in July? As always, click the title links for the Goodread’s page.

  1. The Elephant in the Room by Jon Ronson. I’m nearly finished with this so I’m sure I’ll get to the end of this in July (hopefully today).
  2. Ella’s Twisted Senior Year by Amy Sparling. I’m about 40% into the eBook of this and I hope to finish this today too!
  3. The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet. This book just looks really cute and summery so I’d like to read it (hopefully on a warm summer day in the garden or by the sea).
  4. Superpowerless by Chris Priestley. I won this last month and I think it just sounds so interesting. 
  5. Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan. This also looks like a perfect read for a sunny day!
  6. A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab I’ve wanted to read this for so long and determined July will he that month!
  7. Jo Cox: More in Common by Brendan Cox. I would love to know more about Jo Cox and to celebrate all she achieved. What a fantastic lady. 
  8. A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. I’m currently listening to this on audiobook, but it is 33 hours long so we’ll see if I finish this in July!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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