The Last Dance & Other Stories by Victoria Hislop.

dread’s page here:


I found this collection of stories in a coffee shop charity donation pile so it was a bargain. I then read it on a car journey to Hobbycraft to pick up paint for my partner’s spaceship model. I think it maybe took just over an hour to read this as its very short. This isn’t the first Victoria Hislop I’ve read or the first of her’s I’ve picked up on a whim and loved. Both books of hers are set in Greece, though these short stories are set in the rural, less touristy areas of Greece. I love that these stories encompass what I imagine is the feel of Greece, the atmosphere. 

There are a few stories that really stood out for me, the tital story being a highlight for me but there wasn’t one story I didn’t like. This whole collection was a pleasure to read. It’s tempting me to just pack a bag and run away to Greece. I think it specifically makes you feel connected to what she describes. Hislop’s love of Greece is infectious and her story telling beautiful.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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