Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith.

Alice has been in love with Teddy, her best friend, for the last 3 years. On his 18th birthday she buys him a lottery ticket, and to their astonishment he wins the jackpot. The two of them are suddenly thrown together with the world at their feet. And when Teddy finally decides to do with the money , who better to take along on thd adventure than Alice? But money can’t buy you love, and Alice and Teddy are about to find out themselves and each other than they ever could have imagines.

I firstly love this cover, my phone does not do it justice. I love the blue and the shiney gold. I don’t think this quite represents the overall feel of this book but it is gorgeous still.

Going into this I was expecting a book about an eighteen year old winning the lottery and going wild. There of course is some frivolity but these teenagers are the most sensible teenagers I’ve ever come across, gorgeously self aware and morally strong. Even though this book is essentially about the win, it is never really about the money and more about family, friendship, growing up, the world around us, right and wrong, love.

I’ve avoided young adult for such a long time because I felt I was too old to relate anymore but this is an exception. If you want a read that deals with its problems and leaves you satisfied give this a go, it is so cute.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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