Book Haul Part 2 – 03/06/2017

I told you there would be a second book haul today. I set off earlier with the intention of dragging my poor fiancé round a book sale. But when we got to the book sale it wasn’t on (possible we got the wrong date, also possible we got the wrong time). So instead we went to Mold in Wales and it doesn’t matter where we go I will find books.

First we found this really cute bookshop called The Bookshop… that’s an independently run bookshop in Mold. It’s very small but they had so many new shiney books I wanted to take home with me. In here I found my buy of the year which was… Beren and Luthien by JRR Tolkien and edited by Christopher Tolkien. I’ve seen this in fleeting but up close, oh my goodness! This book is gorgeous, the cover alone was enough to put me in a spin, I mean check out the back! This book is beautifully illustrated throughout by Alan Lee. I am seriously excited to read this. Thanks to my Rob for this, it is just my favourite right now.

I then sort out a couple of charity shops that were really well stocked with books.

This I bought for Rob but I’d totally read this.

I’ve already owned this in paperback, read it and gave it away. I’ve been thinking about reading this again so when I saw this hardly touched hardcover for £2 I could not say no.
 I’m still collecting together summer romance reads since I’ve been really wanting to read them lately, this sounds cute so I got it.

 As I said enough, summer romance and here was another one I wanted to try.

 I’ve seen this so many times and never thought it was for me then I read the back and thought it sounded quite good so I got it.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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