Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

**spoiler free review**

Goodread’s page: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Now some of you may be wondering, what took me so long to pick up this book? I feel like everyone in the entire world has read this book. This is my second Rainbow Rowell book, my first being Landline. I didn’t hate Landline but I felt like I was dragged the whole way through it, like I had to force myself to read till the end. The pacing was all wrong for me and for a long time it put me off reading anything by Rainbow Rowell.

Why did I change my mind? I’m honestly not sure. I think I’ve just been bombarded with this book so much that I cracked, I caved in and I bought it.

This book follows Cath, twin, daughter to a dad with mental health issues, introvert, avid fan fiction writer (to a series very similar to Harry Potter) a girl full of anxiety and worry as she heads through her first year at university.

One of the selling points of this book is we follow not only Cath and what’s going on in her life, but her writing too. We see glimpses of her fan fiction throughout the story. Although I liked the idea, I wasn’t a huge fan of the story (don’t hate me), even so I have bought Carry On and for that reason I will pick it up at some point.

I felt like the pacing of this book was still a bit off, some bits I felt could of being short, some much longer. The end was not as satisfying as I wanted it to be, even though it made me cry, I’m selfish and I wanted so much more! It just wasn’t enough. I felt like there was a certain character in this book that I felt was kind of put in to make a point and ruined the flow of the story a bit, still I can forget about that.

For me the winner in this story was the characters. From Cath herself, to outward going Wren, to Levi, to Nick and to all inbetween, I saw a bit of myself in them all. These characters are just so loveable, their flaws make them relatable and I feel incredibly attached to far more characters than I usually am when I read a book.

I don’t see there being a sequel to this but I would love to see more. Maybe there’s some Fangirl fan fiction I can read?

Overall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for reading.

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