Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel be Jane Costello.

Full synopsis here: Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel

This book essentially tells the story of three women in their late 20s, their relationships, their careers, their happy times and their pain. This is a book was about people finding themselves, finding love and being happy. And I ADORED it.

The big selling point of this book for me was that it’s set in Cumbria. I am from Cumbria, and although I think it’s far from necessary to have even been to Cumbria to read this book, I do get a thrill out of the mention of places that are so familiar and homely to me. If anything this book being set in Cumbria gives it a beautiful back drop and Jane does an excellent job of selling Cumbria through the eyes of a Cumbrian.

It was great to also read a book with such firm and honest female friendships. None of these women are perfect and of course every one changes and falls in love and moves on but theses women accept that and encourage each other to do what makes them happy.

Saying this I did feel about uncomfortable with certain actions in this book seemingly having no consequences, which may be realistic of real life but left me feeling a little bit meh. Beyond this though there is a storyline about revenge porn that I thought had a very important message and felt very realistic to read.

Of course there is swoonworthy romance in this. More than one. Which always scratches that itch. But this book is way bigger than the romance. With twists and turns I in no way saw coming.

If you’re a fan of adult contemporary romances then I’d say give this a go. It’s a very enjoyable read and a firm 4 stars from me.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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