Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

If you’re interested in the Goodread’s page for this I’ll link it here: Big Little Lies

Essentially this book follows three lead characters, women with children in the same kindergarten class. Oh and also there’s been a murder. No I’ve not spoilt anything, read this book and all will be revealed.

I’d classify this as half murder mystery and half social commentary on how we interact as groups of people. I could well believe all these characters were real people and found them all relatable (the good and the bad).

This book to me read like a three course dinner. I didn’t really enjoy the starter, the first 100 pages of this book were slow and monomous building up the world and complex relationships, which was essential and made the ending satisfying but was nonetheless frustrating at the time.

The main chunk of the book was gripping. We watched the lives of all the characters fall out of sync and link with other people and the secrets and lies start to unravel themselves. It had just enough drama without being eye rollingly annoying.

I felt the ending dragged on. It’s one of those books with false endings that seem to keep coming, where I would have been happy with this just having the ending that came first (if you read the book I’m sure you’ll see what I mean). And although I can see now the ending maybe could be predictable to some, I didn’t work it out and was genuinely shocked which was a great suprise.

This book I felt had timing issues which put a bit of a dampener on the beginning but overall I’m so happy I read this book. It’s certainly worth picking up if you like family drama, mystery and multiple narratives.

Overall I’m giving this a well deserved 4 stars and I look forward to trying the tv show they made from this.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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