Try a Chapter.

I have the choice of these three fine books to read next…

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

My Cousin Rachel by Daphnie DuMaurier.

I have a keen interest in all three BUT I don’t know which one to choose next so I plan on reading the first chapter of each book, writing my feelings about it in this post and then choosing the book I’m most interested in carrying on.

I started off with My Cousin Rachel. This first chapter is a tiny 10 pages long which meant it only took me a couple of minutes to read. I am certainly intrigued and although I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction I can tell this book is going to be twisted and I love that.

This is another book with a short first chapter 17 pages, though the writing is noticeably smaller than the first chapter I read tonight. All in all I read this in about 15 minutes as I cooked tea (scrambled eggs on toast). I can already tell I’m going to all head over heels with this story that already feels rich to me after one chapter.

The shortest first chapter coming in at 7 pages is this beauty, which was a very easy (and fast) chapter to read. Though the first chapter didn’t give me much it gave me enough to know I wanted to know more. I’ve been obsessed with the synopsis of this for a while and I think it’s really going to live up to my expectations.

The Big Decision.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy all of the first chapters as much as I did and I did think there would be a stand out book which there isn’t. I think I’m going to love all these books. So I am going to have to eliminate books based on things that at least make sense to me.

Firstly I’m not choosing A Darker Shade of Magic just because it’s a fantasy and I just finished The Fellowship of the ring today and I always think it’s good to have a break from genres so you don’t overload.

I’m also not choosing Americanah right away just because I’ve got a super busy weekend and I feel this book is one you’ll need blocks of time for. I need something I can pick up and put down at a moments notice. So I think My Cousin Rachel is the book I’m going for.

I’ve really enjoyed trying a chapter, it was a really fun way to pick a new book to read and I’m tempted to try this every time I can’t decide what to read.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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