Start of May Book Haul

Hello all my booksih beauties! I’ve noticed a few new followers lately, hi to you and thank you for following. I love doing this blog anyway but have people actually read it! Blows my mind! 

So anyway, I’ve bought more books and I realised I’m probably best hauling them now because next week is not only payday but bonus month so I know I’ll probably go a little bit over the top with book buying and have too many books to haul at once.

1. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins Into the water This is a thriller/mystery from the author who wrote The Girl on the Train. I enjoyed The Girl on the Train but it didn’t blow my mind. Yet this book I already feel is going to be such a rollercoaster. It sounds so dark and twisted which I really enjoy in a book.

2 & 3. The Hidden Oracle AND The Dark Prophecy (books one and two from The Trials of Apollo series) The Hidden Oracle & The Dark Prophecy  I read the Percy Jackson series last year and really enjoyed it. Not so much that I thought I’d read more from Rick Riordan but I was wrong. I love the sound of this series; a god being dispelled from Olympus for being naughty and made to live life on earth as a 15 year old boy. I think that just sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading these.

4. The Oyster Catcher by Jo Thomas The Oyster Catcher Earlier this year I read The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas and fell in love with the writing. Then I randomly see this at work for £1.99 and thinjnot must be fate. Although I’m in a happy relationship not I have been in situations in the past where going back is a no no and although I never ran away to Island I think I’m going to have such an affinity with this and I hope this has that gooey romance in it which I love.

5. The Unpredictable Consiquences of Love by Jill Mansell The Unpredictable Consequences of Love  I couldn’t even tell you how many Jill Mansell books I’ve read, it’s a lot. I like that I know what I’m going to get out of her books but there’s always a new story told. This will be a romance with lots of twists and turns and hopefully a happy ending. This was £1.99 too so bargain!

6. Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China by Leta Hong Fincher Leftover Women  This book is a look into gender inequality in modern day China, the author whom believes that women’s rights are being decayed away and equality is rolling backwards. I think this sounds so interesting and I wait to read it.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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