Feb/March Book Haul

I am doing this now because I am NOT buying anymore books until I’ve read some of these.

I know you’ve heard all the excuses but I genuinely don’t know how I’ve ended up with so many books over the last few weeks. Well I do, I have no self control. But I’m so happy with my new books and I got some real bargains 😀 So here is my 19 book, book haul!

Brand New Books

1. Caraval by Stephanie GarberThis beautiful hard cover was £5 on Amazon. I could not turn down that offer. Especially when the cover price was £12.99.

2. All About the Hype by Paige ToonI bought all of Paige Toon’s books and this is the only one I couldn’t find second hand so I bought it new, it was still pretty reasonable.

Second Hand

3. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck I read this in school and wanted to try it again now (12 years later). I remembered it being much longer. I also don’t remember it being as sad as it was. A fantastic read.

4. Poison Study by Maria V. SnyderIve heard a lot about this book. Since I’ve been reading so much romance lately I thought I’d pick up another fantasy just to balance things out a bit. This sounds just so fantastic.

5 – 15. All the Paige Toon books I bought. I don’t think these need any explanation, I am obsessed with this author and not ashamed to say I’ve already read most of these. If you love drama/romance/contemporary set all over the world, give these a go!

Kindle Buys

16 – 17. More Paige Toon! These were both novellas that I picked up because they were only a couple of pounds.

Library Buys

18. Summer by the Lake by Erica James.My library was selling this off for 50p. I’d never heard of it before but it sounds perfect for a summer read. 

19. The Buried Giant by Kazuo IshiguroI’ve heard loads about this, so when I say this for 50p too I was very happy.

Library Borrows

20. All My Secrets by Sophie McKenzieThis just looked really interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

21. Tokyo by Graham MarksThis is a young adult mystery that sounds so gripping. It’s pretty short so I’m hoping it’s good.

And if you made it this far, thank you so much! Have a great Monday 🙂

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