Holiday reading emoji challenge!

I saw something similar to this on YouTube and thought it was a great idea. I’m on holiday next week and I have no idea what to read. So I decided to ask my friends on Facebook to send me 5 emojis that I then picked books based on those emojis.

These are the emojis I received… šŸ’ššŸ—”šŸŒŽšŸ‘¹šŸ˜±

šŸ’š for this one I chose Paris for One by Jojo Moyes. Because I know it’s going to be full of love.

šŸ—” for this I chose Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder as I think this book will be full of battles and death!

šŸŒŽ for this one I chose The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon because the world emoji reminds me traveling and this book is just about that.

šŸ‘¹ for this emoji it made me think of all things HORROR so I chose You Can’t Hide by Dan Poblocki.

And finally I got šŸ˜±. I know I’ve already got a Paige Toon book on this pile but I thought this would fit the bill because her books ALWAYS have the shock factor.

I’m so excited for the books I get to read this next week and hopefully I’ll have plenty of good reviews for you by this time next week.

Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

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