Johnny be Good by Paige Toon

If you follow my Instagram account you’ll know that I’m working my way through all Paige Toon’s books. So far I’ve read them out of order but now I’m starting to read them as published and this was the second one she released after Lucy in the Sky.

So far all these books have been 3 or 4 star reads for me. Apart from Chasing Daisy which was a five star. I’ve really enjoyed reading them. They’re in no way high literature but if you like drama and romance and read because you love it, then these books may well be for you.

Today I’m reviewing Johnny Be Good. This is the second of the Paige Toon books I’ve read that I’m awarding five stars to. The other books had me speeding through desperate to know what happens where as this book made me want to put it down because I needed to savour this story.

And what a story it is!

In this book we meet Meg Styles, PA to a serious architect in London, who finds herself suddenly with a job in LA being PA to the seriously gorgeous but serious messed up rock god Johnny Jefferson. Meg must fight for status, for friendship and against people with bad intentions. But when Christian, Johnny’s best friend turns up Meg is left with anything but an easy ride.

Sounds good right? Well it is. This book pulls you in from the beginning with Meg’s warm personality. I feel like I gained a friend reading this book. In fact there wasn’t a character that had a mediocre reaction from me. Most I loved, some I hated but all were written well. 

Now you haters of romance tropes, I can’t say this book is trope free as it would be a big fat lie. But I think they can be forgiven, in fact I don’t think this book would be as good if it wasn’t full of tropes. Throw away your hate and give this a try, if you can’t stand the tropes then she’s not the author for you.

And finally, we need to talk about the epilogue of this book. If you’re ever planning on writing a duology of books but you’re not sure how to get your reader to pick up your second book… then read this book. Never before have I been so desperate to pick up the next book I’m just so glad it arrived in the post today and I’ve got the day off tomorrow to devour it! 

For more information I’ll leave the Goodreads link here:

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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