Falling for the Bad Girl by Nina Croft.

I know I said I was never going to read new adult/erotic fiction again. I read the synopsis of this and thought it sounded ok, then I won it on Goodreads. I opened up the package and thought ‘oh no’, what was I doing? I don’t like new adult! But I was determined to read it because the author had so kindly sent me it for free and I owed her to at least read the book, with the intention that I’d give it away to someone who would enjoy it if I didn’t like it.
But I did like this. And I’m in awe with Nina Croft for making me like a book in a genre I had pretty much given up on.
There were a few issues I had with this book. Considering this author grew up in Britain why is everything Americanised? I’m hoping the publisher was aiming for an American author, but as a British reader the Britishness of the book felt really fake.
I hate the word sex when referring to a vagina. Just fucking say vagina.
And why can the men in these books always fly planes and helicopters? Even the poor ones! Is there some kind of secret set of rules new adult authors have to follow that include this?
But really that’s all my complaints. The book was far less tropey than I was expecting. It has a lead female character that isn’t a virginal wimp that thinks every woman who has had sex is a shameful slut. She’s tough and knows there’s more to life than just being with a man or being a stereotype in general. She has dreams beyond finding love.
There’s a strong friendship group too.
And nothing is glamourised.
There’s still a bit of instalove but it’s not offensive. I also felt that some of the story was rushed but I feel that was a size of book issue rather than lack of story. I would have liked to have read more from these characters but I’m happy with what I got. 

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