Why I Avoid Fan Pages

Just thought I’d do a little blog post this morning on why I avoid fan pages.

And no it’s not because I believe being fanatical about books is silly. I am fanatical about certain books and series, I will recommend them to friends, I will reread them, I will talk about them till I’m blue in the face. Will I join a fan page? No.

Why you may ask? I think fan pages are probably some of the most restrictive and judgemental places on the web. Which I find strange when the book community as a whole is so accepting and community orientated. My bookstagram account is probably second to my home for feeling comfortable and included.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been burnt before on fan pages. I feel having an alternative opinion or any form of criticism can lead to abusive back lash. I don’t just mean from other fans but sanctions from admin who quite often are the authors themselves.

An example for you is a post I put on quite a famous author’s page when their new book came out last year. I had received the book from Amazon and it had a printing mistake. Not just a little one, this book was missing about 50 pages of text. I wasn’t angry, I’d read the book online before and just thought it’d be a cool thing to share, like a collectors item. Not looking after I posted this admin removed my post and put up their own post saying this wasn’t the forum for posting issues with books as it wasn’t the authors fault. I was then banned from posting so I left the group, that I had previously loved, feeling tainted about a certain author who I really really love.

I’ve also noticed a lot of critisism when people have different opinions about books. People are so quick to say no to a theory, that it’s wrong and that person is stupid to even think it. I don’t think this is progressive. The part of literature I love is that parts that can be perceived differently. 

What do you think of fan pages? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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