2016 Wrap Up and 2017 Goals.

This year has been just great. I feel like I have read the best books this year, discovered new genres and really grown as a reader.

2016 Wrap Up.

My Goodread’s Reading goal was to read 90 books and I am thrilled that I have managed to read 209 books. I don’t feel in any way like I’ve forced myself I’ve just really, really loved reading this year. If you’re interested in my book stats I’ll leave a picture of my year Wrap Up here: 

But I feel like 2016 was so much more than the amount of books I read. 2016 was the year I discovered Colleen Hoover an author that I’d never heard of before but fell madly in love with. Her novel Ugly Love was one of my favourite (if not my favourite) read this year. 

Despite my love for Colleen Hoover this was the year I fell out of love with New Adult. It was a short lived romance but one I’m glad I experienced because it lead me on to better books. I’m not sad to leave New Adult behind I’m just happy that my Reading mind is growing.

I did discover new genres I’d never really read before that I now just adore. The Martian by Andy Weir introduced me to sci-fi a subject I’d always avoided and won’t anymore. Cassandra Clare introduced me to fantasy with the incredible Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Device series. Reading these made me finally want to pick up the Harry Potter series which I was just so glad to finally read and love. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi peaked my interest in not only historical fiction by the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is the year I started to appreciate my bookshelves. Before they had just been a place I put my books, now they are a proud display of all the books I love. I have real living bookcases that constantly move and change, I love them.

I’ve bought a lot of books that I know I will reread this year. Especially the series of fantasy books that I’ve acquired. I think Harry Potter retreads will be happening at least yearly now I’ve FINALLY read them all. 

2017 Goals

I think I was 2017 to be a different kind of reading year for me. This is mainly coming down to how I’m going to be acquiring my books this year. If you didn’t know, myself and my partner got engaged in August and hope to get married this year so spending £50-£100 on books a month just isn’t going to be viable. So my first goal is to buy no new books. I will only buy books from charity shops (no second hand from Amazon) and I’m determined to use the library more and my Overdrive app as well as reading all the books I have stashed away on my Kindle and have never got to yet. But of course I will be accepting book presents for birthday/Christmas etc and if I get book gift vouchers I am totally spending them.

I have quite a lot of books to take with me into 2017 including The Diabolic, the Death Note series and loads of other books I picked up around Christmas. I am determined to really clear away at my TBR this year. Really by 2018 I’d like less than 30 books on my TBR pile which is manageable.

I’d also like to challenge myself to read 12 classics this year. So I will hopefully pick up one classic a month to read and maybe even enjoy.

As for the amount of books I’m going to read I’m going to set my goal at 90 books again. I don’t see the point in setting it higher and higher, 90 books is my comfort zone, if I read more that’s great but reading is meant to be fun not full of pressure.

And that’s about it! I of course would like to start blogging more frequently in 2017 and I’ve got plans in place to make that happen. As for 2016 I want to say thank you for reading! 

Happy New Year!


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