Beautiful Disaster AND Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire.

That’s right folks, two book reviews for the price of one (spoiler free). It was going to be three but I couldn’t bring myself to read the same book from another POV which is what book two is. Here we go!


Book Facts: This book was published in May 2016. When I first got into the booktube world in 2014 this book was still a big deal then. Lots of people were reading and reviewing it and it always made me kinda wanna pick it up. The sequel Beautiful Wedding was released in 2013 which may of contributed to people reading the book in 2014 or maybe everyone was just late in getting round to it. In total I read both these books in about 5 hours. Beautiful Disaster has a 4.16 on Goodreads, I’m giving this a 1.75 stars. Beautiful Wedding has a 4.09 star rating on Goodreads, in giving this a 1.75 star too.

Book reviews: I don’t hate these books, in fact there are aspects of this story I really like. It’s possible that my problem is not particularly with the book, that wasn’t horrendously badly written but rather the genre as a whole. New Adult to me has a system of bad boys, virginal girls, messed up story lines and boring endings that book after book seem to crank out. On one hand you can say at least you know what you’re gonna get, if this is your thing then here is another load of books that follow that but I think I’ve just grown beyond the predictability of New Adult.

The story was ok. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat and I didn’t really feel any affection for any of the characters. I found it quite shameful in the way characters were thrown in just to make the plot go somewhere. I still probably would have given these books a higher score if this series hadn’t offended me the way it has.

I vow to spend no more time reading books that demonstrate these tropes: 

  1. That bad boys will change for the right girl.
  2. That good looking men can be forgiven for their actions.
  3. That we forget about previous dick actions if the bad boy suddenly decides he is no longer gonna act like a jerk.
  4. That line crossed between looking after your partner and not letting them do what they want/ or them being scared of doing something in case your reaction is bad, that is abuse not cute.
  5. That punching someone is a normal, legitimate way to deal with issues and that smacking someone within a inch of their life will just be instantly forgotten.
  6. That sexual assault is just a narrative used for a man to come and save the day. This disgusted me.
  7. That virginal women are good because the state of you hymen reflects your morality.
  8. That you are a bad WOMAN if you’ve slept with multiple people, or even one person in a one night stand. A man doing this is still a stud though.
  9. That it’s ok to call people a slag or a whore. It is not ok.
  10. That getting married will solve a problem.
  11. That buying a puppy will solve a problem.
  12. That arguing all the time is a sign of a passionate relationship – it isn’t! It’s the sign that something is seriously wrong.

These books encompassed all of these and I feel horrible having read them. That’s it. I’m moving these down to one stars because I think the behaviours in these books are damn right scary and the story on the whole was crap!


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