The Bell Jar Book Tag

I’ve never done my own book tag before so I thought I would give one a go based on the book I’ve probably read the most – The Bell Jar. Please feel free, if you like it, to do this yourself and pass it on! And if you feel like mentioning me too well that’s just great!

1. Our first impression of Esther Greenwood is that she is a determined inspiring writer. What book has inspired you to do something? The Joy of Tax by Richard Murphy inspired me to learn more. When I finished university I lost my thirst for knowledge and I think that this book kind of made me want to learn again.

2. Sylvia Plath takes us on a journey through the street of New York. What is your favourite book set in New York? Apart from The Bell Jar, my favourite books set in New York are The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

3. Buddy seems like the great all American man, but sometimes people aren’t who they first seem. Name a book you’ve thought was going to be a certain genre and turned out to be something else entirely. I picked up Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop thinking it was a romance and it wasn’t anything like a romance. If anything it was a book about loving yourself which was just fabulous. I felt the same about Eat, Pray, Love and was pleasantly surprised with that too!

4. Esther comes across many types of people in this book. Name a book you’ve read by an author from another continent. I believe Yaa Gyasi was born in Ghana and Africa is certainly a different contenant. Her book Homegoing was a look into a life I have never known and was certainly an eye opener. It was brilliant.

5. Esther’s declining mental health is a huge theme in The Bell Jar. Name a book that has lifted your spirits. Twilight was a massive spirit lifter for me again and again. It’s just a comfy book I can fall into.

6. Recovery is a long road. Tell us a book you’ve read about a journey. I think Illuminae was a fantasic book about a journey and the only book based on a spaceship that I’ve ever enjoyed!

Thank you for reading, I had so much fun making this tag!


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