The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

I plan on writing a little discussion piece today on the first 3 books of The Selection Series. I’m choosing to do it on the first three books because as far as I’m concerned this is the end of the series, the next two books are sequels that I’m going to save for another time (sometimes you can overload on a good thing and I’d like not to ruin these books by reading too much of them in one go). I feel I have more to say on this in a discussion sense because I want to talk about the things that happen in these books, so there will be spoilers in this. 

Characters: Overall I felt the characters were written how they were meant to be perceived. I liked the characters I was meant to like. I disliked the characters I was meant to dislike. My emotional involvement with a character was based on how bigger part in the story they had. I feel these characters were pretty structured in the sense that you saw them for what they were and even when there was a twist in their character; for example Cesile deciding to come clean about her intentions it wasn’t that shocking. I quite like to be lead when I read but I did feel a bit spoon fed with these characters. Because of this I felt a lot of the characters came across as a bit two dimensional. 

I loved American, Maxon and Aspin but I was meant too.

Most of the side characters were pretty forgettable and were used I feel as story development rather than filler. Which I liked and disliked in equal measures. 

Plot: This story felt like the Hunger Games with Princesses at the beginning and although it went in a different direction I did feel the plot confirmed to the stereotypes of the dystopian genre. I have an especially hard time seeing again the supposedly strong fearless lead who was actually kind of the clueless idiot who caused a lot of trouble. Kriss would have made a fantastic protagonist, I felt like her role with the rebels was brushed under the carpet a bit and seemed a bit pointless.

Similarly, there were lots of plot bits in these books that I felt were undeveloped and made the series feel a bit rushed. I would have happily had this series spread over five books had it had more detail. I feel the caste system could have been explained more. I also feel the rebels weren’t really part of the story which seemed silly to me since they were causing a lot of the conflict. For me there were too many ideas and not enough space to properly develop them. I understand this is a young adult book but I don’t fall for the premise that teenagers can’t manage more that 200 pages a book or a series that is developed to its full potential.

The thing that angers me so much about these books is that I loved them and yet I’m still criticising because there was just so much emphasis on the wrong things.

Actions: I found most of the characters actions understandable but predictable. We all knew America wouldn’t be able to follow instructions for more than five minutes. We all knew that Maxon would love her anyway. What we didn’t know is they would have all these god damn awful interactions that could have been avoided had they been honest and upfront with each other. This is nothing to do with my standing on morality, I would have just like to have seen less of Maxon and America in a strop and more actual plot.

I did like what the book stood for. I believe in a world where everyone is equal. We still live in a world where there are caste systems, where people go hungry and homeless. Weather these kind of points are overridden by the romance in this book? I’m not sure.

Memorability: Will I remember this series in a years time? Probably. I think these books will stay with me but weather I’ll still be able to tell you the ins and outs? I doubt it very much. This is another young adult dystopian.

Overall I’m giving this series a 4/5 stars. It did the job, I was entertained, I turned pages and I made it to the end. I don’t think these books are going to change lives but it was enjoyable none the less.

What did you think of the series? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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