Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne.

This is being marketed as the 8th book in the Harry Potter series. I see this as a standalone based on Harry Potter. I think anyone who goes into this expecting this to be like the series may be dissapointed. My advice is take this book on its own merit using the series as a knowledge guide. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep this spoiler free because I know quite a few people haven’t read this yet.

Book Facts: This book is in fact a script of the stage show. This is not a book that has been made into a play this is a play made into a book. It was published on the 31st of July this year by Arthur A. Levine Books. This book is 327 pages long but as it is in script form it was a quick read for me and I’d finished it within a couple of hours. It has a 3.85 rating currently on Goodreads. I think this is a solid 4 star book.

The book is also very pretty. In case you’ve not been awake this last 6 months, here are some pictures of the books:Review: My only reason for not giving this book a 5 star review is the fact it isn’t a book but a script. And yes before I read it I knew it was going to be a script but I can’t help feeling like this would have made an amazing book, if not a series of books.

I loved the new characters in this play. I felt quite endeared to a lot of them which is ridiculously impressive if you think about how short this book actually is and the obvious lack of inner monologues considering of course this is a script. I fell in love with these characters because of their words and I’m sure I would have loved them even more if this was a novel with all the back bits that make characters human to us.

I thought the story was brilliant. One thing I did like in the script format was that the story was propelled along fast. And yes I know I’ve spent most of this review complaining that it wasn’t detailed enough but I did kind of like just being in the action. This is as close with a book as you can get to feeling like you’re watching tv. It was cut throats with the important bits and the bits I usually get bored with just weren’t there.

It also pulled me in very quickly. In this book the kids who we left in the series are fully grown up but disguarding the obvious adult traits, I felt the writers wrote the grown up characters of our favourite Hogwart’s students very well. I believed these characters would be like they were written. But once again I just really, really wished that I could have had more.

I can see that this would make an excellent play that I certainly would love to go and see.

But please JK let’s have a whole new series. Let’s have the kids of Harry Potter adventures. Or the Harry Potter in his twenties or even the story of Hogwarts. I just need more. 

What did you think of the play that divided the Potterheads? Let me know (as spoiler free as you can) in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. 


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