Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling.

If you read my discussion piece on The Order of the Phoenix you will know that I struggled with it. The last 300 pages were amazing but goodness it felt like such a long book. I’m certainly glad I read it, not only because I’ve been assured that JK is the master of bringing a story together using little details from previous books (which I’ve certainly seen in Half Blood) but also because I got to read this awesome book.

I flew through this. Had I not had work and other such like adult activities I no doubt would have finished this off in half a day but as it stood I read it in about 8 hours over 3 days. At one point I was reading at lunch time and when I had to go back to work I felt like the world was against me and everything was unfair just because I couldn’t read one more chapter.

Goblet of Fire has still been my favourite book so far but this book really did crack up the pace. There was darkness and action and stress and real life and love. This book was all about the love realisation and I think this really did make me just fall so in love with this book.

The fact that this is a school of magic I love that I totally relate to the characters and the way their teenage hormones react. I love the jealousy between Ron and Hermione but I swear to god I thought they would have been together by the end of this book. Harry kissing Ginny gave me the biggest fan girl squeeling moment. Reading about Harry struggling before hand with his feelings and how Ron would take it was just great writing.

I love, as I said above the connection between books. Old characters reappearing I think gives a feel authenticity to the story, I think Bill and Fluer are a great example of this. I enjoyed how the beginning of Goblet of Fire is explained. 

On the other hand I hate how JK had the power to make me feel sorry for Voldermort. But like in real life I believe no one is born evil or is just evil and as diabolical as he is he once had feelings too. You also can’t deny how fucking smart Voldermort was, he was destined to be an evil genius really. I enjoyed reading the back story of Voldermort and a bit of his family history, it made him more real to me.

I also love Luna so, so much! She is just adorable. When she offered to dye her eyebrow when Harry invites her to the party I just smiled so hard. How amazing would Luna and Neville be as a couple? Does this happen? If this doesn’t happen in the next book she missed a trick! I also loved when she was commentating the quiddich match, she’s my kind of girl and I love her.

Dumbeldore dying obviously didn’t come as a shock to me having seen the films and I know Snape isn’t evil so it kind of didn’t have a massive effect on me. Not that I was happy to see him die but I knew it was coming and why! Still I was not prepared for the funeral and I cried, god did I cry. When Hagrid cries it always gets me.

And the end of book just sets up for the last book doesn’t it? You know this is going to be the end, the last big adventure. And you know what? I’m not sure how ready I am to read it and have it all be over but I can’t fight the compulsion not too. 


Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

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