Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling.

I am now further into this series than I’ve ever got before reading wise and I’ve only seen this film once when it came out. So it’s safe to say I remember very little about what happens in this book. If I’m honest I pretty much read this like I knew nothing. In this case I’m thankful for my lack of memory retention.

This book took me forever to read. Even with the best story in the world I struggle with my attention span. I took me days to read the first 400 pages. I think anyone who has read this can’t deny it’s a slow burner. My fiancé said I have a short attention span and he read the whole book in 12 hours on the day it came out. But surely someone else is with me.

I found the near enough the whole book very disheartening. Everyone seemed down and there’s this sense of foreboding that was like treacle to read through. It fel heavy and it wasn’t particularly fun to read through. I understand why the book was like this and it did add atmosphere but I really did struggle.

Today was the last day of my holiday and I wanted to finish this book so I’ve spent the entire day reading the last 400 pages and I’m glad I just got on and did it. It was beyond worth it!

When the action started going and things started to unravel and explanations came out, I felt that feeling of involvement that I’ve felt throughout the feeling. I have a feeling I’m not even close to the core of what’s going on but my mind was blown a couple of times.

And of course this book had me crying like a hungry tired baby. The death, the anger, the injustice I felt it all. I also got wrapped up in the small bits of justice won and how people came together.

It’s safe to say I both hate Umbridge and Bellatrix beyond any characters I’ve ever disliked before.

So many emotions.

The last 2 books aren’t as long so I’m sure I’ll fly through them, unfortunately not as fast as I’d like too as I’m back at work tomorrow 😦

Thanks for reading.


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