Printer’s Devil Court by Susan Hill

When will I learn I just don’t like Susan Hill? 

Synopsis: I tried to keep my tone light as I asked ‘Now what is this all about? What are you proposing?’ ‘We are proposing,’ Walter replied ‘to bring th dead back to life.’

Book Facts: This book was released in October 2013 by Long Barn Books. I read from a beautiful edition from Profile Books. 

This book is 106 pages long and I read it in just over an hour. This book has a 3.2 star rating on Goodreads, which I feel is generous. I’m giving this book 2 stars.

Review: I’ve read Susan Hill books before and always felt they were lacking. This book is no exception. So what makes me pick it up? Her books are always so pretty! They look Victorian and gothic and like the contents will chill me to the bone! This one even had illustrations for Christ’s sake. It’s not my fault I get sucked in.

But these books are not chilling not gothic. They are the ramblings of a woman who wishes she was alive 150 years ago. Susan would be far happier in a work house repeating her half arsed tales to anyone bored enough to listen.

This story was just rubbish. It was about as close to a ghost story as a white sheet is. There is always elements in these books at the beginning that make me think this is going to go somewhere. But they NEVER do!

I finish every book thinking what? This book is no exception. 


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