Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell

This book is my first book an author has approached me to review. So I got an ebook of this book in exchange for an honest review. I strive to always be honest with my book reviews even if that means going against what everyone else things. Still I want to point out that the start of this review is fairly critical but please read my full review before you decide wether or not to pick up this book, I would not be this picky with a review if I didn’t think that the story was worth it. Dallas Coryell is a new author who I honestly think is worth giving a try.

Book Facts: From the look of this book I think it’s a self publish. I can’t find anything in the book or the author’s notes that say otherwise. For a self publish, this book is grammatically wonderful and well laid out, it read like a book from a publishing house. This book has a 4.21 rating on Goodreads. I think this is a fair rating, I’m giving this a 3.5 stars which I will round up to four on the Goodread’s site. This book is available on Amazon UK in paperback and ebook form. Of course if you wish to know more about the book or the author I’m sure he’s be happy to have you pester him on his Instagram: (from the few emails we’ve exchanged, he seems like a lovely guy too which always makes me happy).

Review: I’m not sure what category I’d put this book in. I guess this is a New Adult book, mainly because of the age of the lead characters, but it is a mild New Adult. Had I not know the age of the characters I would have said this was young adult book. Saying that, some people prefer romance to none stop sex, if that it you then I’d give this a try.

I hate the cover of this book and I’m not even sorry. Its just horrible. As shallow as this is, I do judge a book by its cover and it did make me question if I’d actually like it or not. Having read the story I do see where the front cover is coming from but please make it prettier!

The first page of this book I’m renaming the thesaurus page. I feel like the author is a poetic and articulate being but the first page and if I’m honest the first couple of chapters read like no one I’ve ever spoken to before. Some of these words I needed to look up which I’m really not used to. It kind of comes across like the author is saying ‘here is every word I’ve ever learnt’.

As I said before, I really struggled with the first few chapters. Mainly because I feel the author who is obviously an American male has attempted to write as a British female. Being both British and female I struggled with how the character was written and how places in particular were described. A lot of this book sounded American and I can’t help but feel the protagonist should have been the American male who is written so well as the love interest of our female protagonist. It did distract away from the world building which was a sad for me. I feel a good editor could pick up on some of these details and give this book the opening it deserves.

Beyond my peeves lie a firm story which is a rarity in a genre not particularly known for its strong writing. Although I hated the way the landscape was described I did get it and I could imagine well what the author was saying. The story is far fetched but that’s what we love about New Adult, the author made the impossible feel possible and believable in this book. 

The characters are your stereotypical New Adult tropes; the plain innocent (and overly emotional) girl meets the troubled bad boy but they are none-the-less enduring and fit well with the overall feel of the book. I liked all the characters in the book though I didn’t particularly connect with any of them. 

But the further I read the more I came to look be this story. It slowly went from a meh to a hell yeah book. I love the chapter titles which I feel really added an extra something. This booo also kept me interested with its mixed media story telling. The song lyrics in this book especially get a thumbs up from me. The author is so invested in this booo that he has written and performed the songs from the book, which you an listen to at:

I think what I really like is that behind this book feels like real emotions. It makes me wonder how much of his real life the author has invested in this? 

If you’re a romance fan and you love funny, emotional novels then this book is well worth picking up.

Thanks for reading.


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