Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling.

Like all the other books in this series it’s more my reactions to the books than actual reviews but in case you haven’t for some reason read this, there will probably be spoilers.

I may be the last person on earth to have ever picked up this book for the first time at the end of September but it is what it is. Goblet of Fire is my favourite of the Potter films and not just because I was obsessed with Robert Patterson for about ten years. And the book did not dissapoint, I actually watched the film afterwards and I loved it more because I’d read the book.

I did not realise though how far I would get into this book before the Tri Wizard Tournament actually starts. Not that I minded. I loved be how these books are steadily getting darker, more forbidding and how people are being less trust worthy.

I also spent most of this book wanting to slap Ron round the head, he’s in his moaning teenage jealousy stage and it was so annoying! On the other hand I loved Harmony especially with her passion for S.P.E.W. I think I’d be with Harmony wanting to liberate the house elves.

The ball is just as magical in the book. The ball is possibly one of my favourite parts of Harry Potter.

I love how all the teenagers start to show their raging hormones and teenage angst in this book. How there isn’t a sex epidemic in that castle I do not know. Even as a wizard I would not want to be in charge of all those teenagers.

I also laughed a lot in this book.

And the action of the tournament had my heart in my god damn mouth. When Voldemort appeared at the end I could have screamed with the injustice of it all.

I loved it.

And now I’m going to read some more!

Thanks for reading.

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