Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Well this book got dark fast right? 

Those fucking dementots are like the scariest thing ever. I’m talking my arms full of goosebumps every time they rolled around.

I like how the books become darker and more complex as the series matures. I feel the writing complements the characters growing up and as this is the last of the books I’ve actually read before I can only predict a pattern of more complexity and darker themes as this series carries in.

I loved the introduction of both Lupin and Black in this book. I had such strong (and changing) emotions for these characters and I just thought they were both such wonderfully written additions to the series. I believe both will appear more as the books go on which I love.

I also enjoyed the mischief in this book. I love that Harry wants to explore and break rules and join in because he is a teenager! Far from being selfish, I think that Harry behaves exactly as I would have but is far braver. I love how the chemistry between Harry, Ron and Harmony keeps growing. I also love that you can seen the tiny sparks of something else growing between Harmony and Ron. Even from this early on you can see they’re meant to be together.

This story is a roller coaster. What I like be about this series is every book sets up so well for the next one and although I don’t usually like when there is an obvious set up for a next book, I think in the case of this series it isn’t forced. There is so much more I need to know, so much more magic I need to experience and adventure to follow.

I can feel my book hangover looming already and there’s still 4 more books to go!

Thanks for reading πŸ°πŸŒ πŸŒŒπŸΊπŸ†πŸ€


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