Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling.

Unlike The Philosopher’s Stone, I’ve only read this one before and it was well over ten years. I have seen the film more recently but not much more. And with my memory skills as lacking as they are this was as nearly as suprising to me as a new book. 

One thing I like so far about this series is how much I’m enjoying a series for kids. I’m actually enjoying it more as an adult as I think I would have as a child. I found pure joy in this book which I think you just don’t get in adult literature.

The characters in this really shines for me. I love Ginny, she is the model in which all pre-teenagers are based on and her ever growing crush on Harry absolutely makes me love her more. I also found myself giggling away to things Gilderoy said. When he kept mentioning his best smile awards I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s the kind of character you can’t help but like, even if he is a complete muppet.

I loved the story. I think it is noticeably darker than the first book. I found myself a couple of times thinking this is getting a little bit scary now. I was certainly on the edge of my seat. This was probably helped by my lack of remembering. I felt like this story engulfed me probably more thanPhilosopher’s  Stone and I just feel so into this series now.

The first book was certainly world building and although it didn’t lack drama, the second book is really where we start to get into the tale.

And those twists? Rowling is a clever, clever writer. The stuff with the diary was mind blowing to me. I wouldn’t have guessed that ending in a million years.

Thanks for reading!


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