Book Haul – 28/09/2016

I realise I just did a haul a couple of days ago for my birthday but I picked up 6 books for £1! So this is certainly a bargain haul! 

Though I am cheating a little bit because the first 2 I got from the library. I picked up…

The Map and the Territory by Michel Hourllebecq. I’m a massive fan of his Whatever novel but I’ve read little else by this author so I thought I’d pick this up.

Then I grabbed Devil Court by Susan Hill. I’m still on a ghost kick and will be till after Halloween no doubt. I’ve already read Dolly, The Woman in Black and The Small Hand. None of which scared me but I can live in hope!

The next books I got 4 for £1 in my local charity shop! 

This isn’t a serious buy, I got it for my fiancé because he said it made him feel like Ron Swanson.

Who didn’t love Bend it like Beckham? I remember being obsessed with this film when I was younger so I had to buy this.

I saw this in a supermarket the other day and nearly bought it. I’m not sure what stopped me but when I saw it for 25p I had to get it, it felt like fate.

Finally I got The Martian. I’ve heard such good things about this that I just had to try it. It’s very different from what I usually read which sometimes you need!


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