Birthday Haul – 26/09/2016

Today is my birthday! Saying when you get older you become less excited about birthdays is a massive lie since i turned 28 today and woke up at half 3 this morning. I have been so fortunate and wanted to share with everyone the awesome things I got for my birthday.

Firstly let’s talk cake. I got 2!

My parents got me this gorgeous Victoria sponge cake; my fiancé got me these adorable pug muffins!
My parents took me out for a gorgeous three course meal on Sunday. Today I tried my first pumpkin spiced frappacino! Rob (the fiance) got me 2 huge bars of my favourite chocolate.
I got this awesome mug from Rob that starts from black and changes to this when it gets hot. Apparently I tagged him in it on Facebook last year. I love it!

I very kindly got some money from my Gran and Rob’s auntie and uncle so I got some cute stickers and tape for my journal. I also go some books but I’ll show you them with the rest of the books at the end.

Rob’s mum got me these beautiful flowers along with all these cute things for my desk! I’ve already put all my crafty stickers in the draws! I love them all.

My parents got me this fantastic dressing gown that is the comfiest thing ever! They also got me the cutest magnetic bookmark and a very generous Starbucks voucher!

Soap and Glory is just my favourite bath stuff producer. I have horrible feet and this stuff works wonders. Thank you Rob for getting me this awesome set!

And finally the books… 

I bought these 2 with my birthday money. They look so interesting and I can’t wait to get to them both.

I got this beautiful illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from Rob. He also got me the entire Harry Potter box set. I think the books are beautiful so I’ve taken loads of pictures and I’ll put them below; thanks for reading!

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