Book Unhaul 13/09/16

I had the urge to clear out my bookcase again because it’s started to look shabbie. I found a lot of books that I’m just not going to read so off to the charity shop they’ll go. Here is what I am clearing out…

Firstly I’m getting rid of Opposition. I’m keeping my bind ups of the lux series because I love them but this book is just ugly and my least favourite of the series.

And goodbye Teilight Saga. I love Twilight. I have read it a million times. But the series? I read it once and I just didn’t like it. So I’m keeping my copy of Life and Death but the rest are going to a better home.

I got all these books in a book subscription box for my birthday last year. They were all really brilliant reads but I’m well out of my young adult dystopia phase now and I doubt I’ll ever pick them up again.

I got these after I decided I wanted to read a bunch of stuff on quantum physics and economics. My will to do that has completely gone.

I love both these women but I’ve had these books for so long and it’s pretty obvious I’m not going to pick them up any time soon.

I recently read another Karl Pilkinton book and I really didn’t like it. I used to be a massive fan but I guess I’ve grown out of it now so I’m going to give this one a miss.

Totally picked this up on a whim, the more I see it the less I want to read it!

Am I making any mistakes? Let me know in the comments below…

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