Crafting Haul – 08/09/2016

I promised myself after work that I wouldn’t go in the works and buy things. So naturally I went into the works and bought some great things! But in my defence my old journal is full to the rafters so I needed a new one and the creative juices took over my willpower not to shop. Still I managed to stay under £10 so I’m not beating myself up too much. Here is what I aquired: 

I got these nifty little stamps with 4 different inks (black, red, silver and gold) which I thought would be great with Christmas coming up.

I got this felt covered journal because it called to me!

This trim was just gorgeous so I had to get it.

Super glue because the glue I have is just terrible!

These were just weird and I had to have them.

I always need something to make books with so these seemed like a good idea.

Since its September and Autumn leaves seemed an obvious choice.

And finally, these reminded me of scrabble pieces and I just loved them.

Stationary is life.

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