Ring by Koji Suzuki

I saw the film The Ring (I’ve never seen the Japanese Ring O also based on this book) about 12 years ago. I remember it scared me quite a bit but it didn’t have any kind of lasting effect on me. Recently I’ve been really wanting to read some horror so when this book popped up in my suggestions I thought why not.

Synopsis: Those who have viewed these images are fated to die at the exact hour one week from now. If you do not wish to die, you must follow these instructions exactly…

Bookish Facts: This book was originally published in April 2004 by Verticle. My copy was published by Haper Collins Publishers in 2014. It has a lovely blue cover which I will put a picture of below this bit. It was translated by Robert Rohmer and Glynne Walley who did an excellent job, this book reads like it was written in English. Had the book been set in London rather than Tokyo I never would have guessed it wasn’t from an English speaking author. This book is 284 pages long. It currently has a 3.82 star rating on Goodreads, I’m giving this book a 4 stars.

Review: This book is not a horror in the sense I believe something is a horror. If anything this is a psychological thriller with paranormal aspects. That doesn’t mean this book isn’t scary, it had moments that made me feel very uneasy. Saying this nothing in this book made me want to throw it down a well and run away from it so it can’t have been that bad.

I struggled with picturing the locations mentioned in the book. I don’t have a vast knowledge of Japan so some of the place names went over my head. I also struggled with unfamiliar names being quite similar.

But I loved the story, it kept me gripped right though and I read it in one sitting. This book is so clever and I can see why it was such a phenomenon when it was released. I look forward to reading more of his stuff.

A must read for people who like the feeling of someone watching them when they read…


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