Book Haul – 07/09/2016

I love when I get paid and I get to splash out on a couple of new (to me) books. I genuinely think I’ve got some great books today and all for under £13 which is a bargain! Especially considering 3 of these books are hardback. So here is my book haul…

1. Summer Boys by Hailey Abbot.

First boy. First love. First time. I think I’m possibly the only reader on the planet that craves summer beach romances in September but I am craving so I got this one. I can’t wait to get into this.

2. After by Anna Todd.

This is a Harry Styles fan fiction. I am not a One Direction fan but it seems loosely based on him and seems nothing to do with the actual band. It’s hopefully going to be the steamy new adult romance I’ve been looking for. I’ve heard extremely mixed views on this book but the bad reviews haven’t put me off wanting to read it.

3. Ring by Koji Suzuki.

Those who have viewed these images are fated to die at this exact hour one week from now. If you do by wag to die, you must follow these instructions exactly… In the wake of a 3rd American Ring film I thought I’d get back to the film’s roots and read the book that inspired the original Japanese horror film and I’m so excited to get into this.

4. Spiral by Koji Suzuki.

Suddenly, inexplicably, he shuddered. He raised his hands to peel off his gloves and found that the hair on his arms stood on end. He leaned on a stepladder standing nearby and stared at Ryuji’s face. The eyelashes trembled as if the eyes, now peacefully shut, would open any minute. Is this guy really dead? This synopsis gives me chills! Another one I am dying to read.

5. Dark Water by Koji Suzuki.

This is my third Suzuki book of this haul. This one is a selection of short stories that all sound just as spine chilling as the other books.

Now to the reading!


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