Just One Day by Gayle Forman.

What did I just read? All I know for sure is that I’m in a massive book hangover.

Synopsis (and this really is all I need to know):

Bookish Facts: This book was originally published in August 2013 by Speak Paperback. It’s 369 pages long, which seems quite long for a young adult romance but it is such an easy read, I read this in one sitting of under 4 hours. It currently has a 4.08 rating on Goodreads, I am giving it a 4 star rating.

Review: There may be spoilers from here on out so if you haven’t read this book proceede with caution but I will try to keep it pretty much spoiler free.

I got this book on the understanding that this was a love story and although it is in the same sense it isn’t and is so much more. And what I thought I would hate because I wasn’t expecting it, I actually loved.

This book is about crappy insta love but it’s more about family and friends and over coming fears and becoming who you want to be. This book actually made me feel pretty empowered and made me wonder why I push so much for romance in my reading habits when contemporary leaves me with such a warm glow.

The main character was incredibly relatable and I see a lot of myself now in how the character was at the beginning of the book. I am a bit of a cautious Annie and this book makes me want to maybe start pushing boundaries a bit.

I also like that the protagonist wasn’t an eighteen year old virgin or portrayed as a slut because she wasn’t. It is normal for teenagers to have had sex and I hate authors who demonise sex or put virgins on a pedastool; this was an unrealistic situation but a realistic view on sex which I appriciated and is something you don’t often see in young adult. They practiced safe sex too, which again wasn’t writer as a big deal but a completely normal thing to do!

I hated the guy the protagonist fell for and I sure of hell would not have gone with him to another country but it made the rest of the novel just great.

After the romance the book seems slow but I’m glad I kept reading.

It’s probably not something that I’m going to read again but it has made me want to pick up more from this author. Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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