How To Book Blog on a Budget.

Yes I think paying authors for their work is important. But when you’re trying to keep a blog going or you’re just a heavy reader without the choice of free arcs from publishers soon buying books becomes costly. Anyone who has tried to keep up will know it’s near impossible unless you have lots of cash lying around. So here is how I keep my costs down.

1. The Library. I think people forget that libraries exist or at least think they’re outdated but you’d be surprised with the selection of books libraries nowadays carry. And with the ability to borrow through different libraries and to borrow library ebooks, the library is a fantastic free way to pick up books.

2. Amazon Unlimited. The selection of books you can borrow from this service is increasing everyday and they might not always be the most popular books but there are some really fantastic gems in there. And for the price of a book a month this is a service that is well worth looking into if you like to read lots but you’re open to what you’ll read.

3. Buying second hand. Charity shops, Amazon market place and second hand book shops are all great places to find books you want to read. I’ve found so many books I want to read in instances like these. I struggle not to find books I want to read second hand on Amazon and local second hand book shops are always open to looking out for books you want and putting them aside for you.

4. Borrowing from friends. I have lots of friends who read and are very generous to pass on books to me when they’re finished with them. 

5. Birthday/Christmas. I always ask for a ton of books for special occasions. I am very fortunate to have very accommodating people around me but if you love books why not ask for them for Christmas?

6. Offer your reading services to new authors. There are tons of authors who if you ask will send you free e-copies of their books in exchange for an honest review. Goodreads is a great place to do this.

7. Goodreads giveaways. I understand other websites do book giveaways but Goodreads has been the most bountiful for me, although I no longer enter these competitions I won loads at one point and got some really great books.

8. Buy with a friend. If you both want to read a book but it together and better still read it together, bonding over a book is the best!

9. Always check bookcases. Weather it’s the bookcase in your staffroom or the one in your parent’s Livingroom you never know what might be lerking in there that you can borrow for free.

10. Save up for those new books. I try to put a bit of money a way a month for new releases that I can completely justify buying at full price. Sometimes you just have to spend the money but I try to do it so I’m not out of pocket.

And finally…

11. Bookbub. A website that sends you a daily email of books that are on sale or have become free on Amazon. This email service is great and lead to me getting a load of books. You can customise your book choices to make sure the email is just for you.

How do you save money on books? Let me know in the comments below.

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