Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen.

All I hear all the time is Sarah Dessen, Sarah Dessen; so I’ve read one, OK?

Synopsis (curtsy of Goodreads): 

Booky Facts: this was originally published in April 2008 by Vicking’s Children’s books. The cover of this I have I hate, though none of the covers I’ve seen for this book are that nice. This book was a pretty meaty 432 pages long, which I think is a lot for the young adult audience this is targeted towards. I couldn’t even tell you how long this took me to read, I had a lot going on since I picked up this book but my guess would be about 8 hours. This book has a 4.02 rating on Goodreads which I think is far. I’m giving this a 3.5 that I’ll round up to 4 stars on Goodreads.

Review: I liked this book. Any issues I have with this book aren’t anything to do with this book being flawed in anyway. My problems were that firstly this book isn’t what I thought this book was going to be. Secondly this book is so young adult that as an adult it made me feel so disconnected from the story.

I thought this book was a romance. This book is not a romance (spoilers) this book is a life story, it is a moral tale but one that went on for far longer than it needed too. Think of a modern long ass fable, that’s what this book is.

None of the characters are outright unbelievable, in fact they’re all so believable that I struggled to find a lot of entertainment in them. They were all pretty flat which yes made it realistic but a bit too realistic to me.

I feel bad with this review because this isn’t a bad book. If I was 13 I’m sure I would have read this book loving every twist and turn. So maybe I’ve outgrown this type of young adult? If Sarah Dessen has or is going to write anything for an older audience of love to read it. Any info on this? Let me know in the comments below!

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