Bookish questions about me…

I thought I’d answer these fun book questions, it’s like I’m interviewing myself! So here we go:

1. Who/what got you into reading?

My whole family are readers, especially my grandad who was a massive book worm. So the influence was there from an early age, plus my parents always encouraged me (especially financially) to read as much as o possibly could.

2. Your first favourite book?

The first book I can remember really loving was The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. Any British woman who was a child in the 90s will tell you that she was THE go to author at that time.

3. Your current favourite book?

I loved this book so much! I read it in one sitting and now I’m tempted to go ahead and read it again right now, but I’ll refrain till I finish this.

4. Favourite book of all time?

I don’t think this is a shock to anyone who knows me or has read this blog before.

5. Least favourite book of all time?

Paranormal Intruder by Caroline Mitchelle. I hated this book so much!

6. What book(s) can’t you live without?

The more I think about the series the less I think I’ll ever read them all again but Twilight is the exception, it has everything I ever need and I’ll go back to it time and time again.

7. What books have you raved about?

From the minute I started reading this trilogy I was in love. If you like young adult romance then this is for you! It gave me such feels.

8. Which authors do you love?

  Some of my favourite authors of all time are R.L. Stein, M.C. Beaton, Michel Houellebecq & Colleen Hoover. These are authors I would buy without reading a synopsis and I’ve never been put off any of them yet!

9.  What popular book do you hate?

50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Don’t get me wrong I love that it got people excited about reading but I hated the story so much.

10. How many books do you read in  a month?

Anywhere between 15 and 25 depending on how busy I am.

11. How do you get through a reading slump?

I don’t force myself to read, the reason I read so much is because I love it and if I wasn’t enjoying it I would stop. If I am in a slump I put books away and pick up some good tv. I also only attempt to read things that I’m really excited for to get myself back into it.

12. Favourite genre?

Romance and fantasy.

13. Genre you haven’t read?

Western. And I have no desire whatsoever to change this.

14. Goodreads challenge for they year?

I challenged myself to read 90 books this year and I’ve read 128 so far so that’s awesome.

15. Favourite series?

The Lucy Stone murder mysteries are just wonderful. I love them so much, they are just fun reading.

16. Favourite quote?

Again this is Sylvia Plath from The Bell Jar. This is my favourite quote of all time, it’s just wonderful.

17. Ebooks or physical books? 

This is a hard one, I like both and I go through a period of using one more than the other then it switches round. I usually tend to buy physical books though, I love to see how far through I am and to highlight the pages. But ebooks are great if you want to read a book RIGHT NOW.

18. Favourite bookish items?

My mum got me these for my birthday last year and I love them so much! I love writing down my ideas and book related things.

19. Do you do book buying bans? 

I try too but they never last. I’m compromise by using the library for books I know will be popular and buying second hand if I’m not sure wether it’ll be a book I want to read again.

20. Bookmarks or folded pages?

I’m not so bothered about holding pages but I do try to use bookmarks. I made a ton of my own that I’ve displayed for you below:

And that’s it! Let me know your bookish facts in the comments below!


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