The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I just finished the series!

First book synopsis: When Tessa Gray arrives in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, something terrifying is waiting for her in London’s Downworld, where vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets. Friendless and hunted, Tessa seeks refuge with the Shadowhunters, a band of demon hunters. Drawn even deeper into their world, she finds herself fascinated by – and torn between – two best friends.

Bookish Facts. The first book Clockwork Angel was first released in November 2010 by Simon and Schuster in American and by Margret K. MacEldery in England. My copy was 486 pages long. The second book, Clockwork Prince was realised in December 2011 and is 500 pages long. Finally the third and final book of this trilogy was released in September 2013 and was 568 pages long. I’m glad I read these all near enough together because waiting nearly 2 years for the last book would have killed me! All three books have above a 4 star average rating on Goodreads. I’m giving this series a solid 5 stars because I loved it.

Spoiler free series overview: I am reading all of Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunters series in the order she has recommended. So I read the first 3 in The Mortal Instruments and then moved onto this series. Having read the end of book three and I have my speculations to where things are going to go when I get back to book four of The Mortal Instruments but as this review is spoiler free I won’t go into it.

I genuinely don’t believe you have to have read these to understand The Mortal Instruments or vise-versa but I’m starting to get a real feel for the universe having read two different stories from it. 

I loved these stories. I didn’t think I would like the story as much as The Mortal Instruments but I did. It’s like giving birth to two children, they’re different but you love them the same amount. I’m not a massive lover of historical fiction but you mix in this cool urban fantasy it makes an unbelievable read.

I can not express how much joy I get from these books. The stories, the characters and the twists all seem to just flow together like you’re reading real life. I also like that no matter how wierd and wonderful something/someone is in these books it never seems too fantastical that it’s utterly inconceivable which is my main problem with high fantasy.

The characters will become your friends. My warning to you is that. I feel like these characters are real and that I’m part of their lives. And unlike some YA this didn’t feel juvenile, this is reading for adults too.

If you haven’t read this go and pick up a copy, it’s got magic and dramas and romance! Plus anyone who can write a bunch of characters and have me remember all of them is a fantastic writer, who needs to be read. That is Cassandra Clare.I’m off to read more now! Happy reading.

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