Revival by Stephen King

Synopsis: the synopsis for this book is so long! But in a basic way this book follows the life of a boy and the preacher from his youth. And lots of stuff about electricity and God. For a much better synopsis please check here:

Bookish Facts: this book was originally published in November 2014 by Scribner. My copy was published by Hodder and Stroghton and had a gorgeous cover that, since reading the book is so cleaver. My copy was 372 pages long. I felt like this book was a really quick read for a bigger book than I’m used too. I probably read this in about 7 hours tops.

Review: I’m doing a spoiler free here for once because I want to persuade you to read this book. If you’ve come across this review and thought I might want to read this book, I hope I can persuade you to go and try it. Goodreads has an average rating of 3.75 for this book. I’m giving this a 4 stars.

This book is not horror, which is cool. I love the fact he is a known horror writer who has branched out to try new genres. It doesn’t matter that it’s not horror, the story telling is amazing. I didn’t just read about this man’s life, I lived it.

And the story is super interesting. Characters and interwoven with a pull together at the end that leaves you deliciously satisfied. I also loved all the characters, even the characters who weren’t very nice. No one is evil in this book, King portrays humanity incredibly realistically.

I think what makes this a 4 star book and not a 5 star book is that Stephen King is too detailed for me. I felt there was stuff in this book that I didn’t need to know and the story would still have been as good. I also don’t think I would read this again. I’m still really glad I picked this up.

Any Stephen King recommendations are welcome in the comments below!


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