Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Laziest synopsis ever: 

What can I say? Goodreads knows best!

Bookish Facts: This book is the first in the Rosemary Beach series. It was published in December 2012. It is about 300 pages long or 7 hours if you’re having it read to you on audible.

Spoiler review: firstly, as I said above I did listen to this on audible. I hated the cover of this book, I needed more tattoos! But I did love the voice of the woman who read this. I believed this was her voice.

This book was entertaining. It was written for entertainment purposes which it filled. It was never going to be a literary masterpiece but did it keep me interested? Yes it did.

The characters were those kind of characters I’ve seen so many times before. The brooding rich man, the beyond innocent girl, the distant father, the dead mother… The problems were the same too. It didn’t particularly make me feel anything. I didn’t feel much emotion for the characters but I think that’s because they felt so flat to me.

I was also super uncomfortable with the whole incesty feel of the main relationship. And how well people just accepted it. It’s bad enough they’re technically step siblings. But everyone but Blaire knows that they both have the same fucking half statement! That properly and I mean properly just makes me go blurghhhhhhhh!

I know a lot of people love Abbi Glines. This book hasn’t put me off and I’ve maybe have been a bit harsh. I’m gonna give this book a 3 star rating. I’m in no rush to carry on this series (yes even with the cliff hanger, we all know they’ll end up together eventually) but I’d be interested in trying another of her books. Any recommendations? Let me know below…


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