My Charity Shop & Stationary Haul.

How’d you everyone! Today has been an interesting day. It started off SO badly. I’ve been waiting patiently for It Ends a With Us by Colleen Hoover since it came out on Tuesday because I forgot to put money aside for it 😦 I reserved it at Waterstone’s in Liverpool only to get there this morning to be told that it wasn’t in stock, the lady didn’t even know it had come out. My wonderful boyfriend phoned round some local bookshops and no one seemed to have it so I’ve resorted to ordering it off Amazon and waiting till tomorrow for it.

So I decided to cheer myself up and get some new books (well new to me) and some stationary for my new journaling obsession.  I gave myself a £20 limit and I think I only spent about £12 including my lunch! Here’s what I got:


I’m trying to replace my twilight books with matching books. Which I’ve bought here but realised when I got home they don’t actually match, still they’re better qualit than the ones I have so we’re kind of heading in the right direction. I’m also collecting Dan Brown books to read soon and Stephen King. Plus I LOVE Karl Pilkington. They were so cheap I just couldn’t say no.


Think my theme is bright and glittery! I’m very happy with these.

And finally

I got these shoes for £1.99! Bargains, bargains everywhere!

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