Harry Potter Writing Set

I love stationary, I love Harry Potter and I LOVE pretty boxes. So when I got this for Christmas from my boyfriend (thank you Rob!!!!!!!) I knew I’d hit the stationary jackpot. Saying that, I’ve left it in the box since then. There’s part of my brain that needs to leave things in boxes incase they become valuable in the future.

But fuck it!

This box is to awesome to stay hidden any long so, here is my picture unboxing! Hope you all enjoy it.

This is the lid of the box. It’s so pretty!

This is what’s under the lid. 

How gorgeous is this box? 

These are the bits you get in it but without the plastic covering in the second picture.

This is a primarily a letter writing box so it includes this awesome wax stamp kit! I’m not 100% sure how to use this but I’m sure they’ll be a YouTube tutorial.

And here are the letterheads and envelopes. I like that they’re minimal but I feel to write on these in going to have to invest in a quill and some ink.

And finally in this book you get this gorgeous journal that I can’t wait to use! I love a journal!

Has anyone else got this set? Let me know in the comments below!


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