For Now and Always by Sarah Bates

Synopsis: Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. Ana Lund never knew how true that was until she went away to college. Now back for winter break just after her first semester away, Ana desperately wants to stay home. Unable to find the courage to tell her parents… Wait, why the hell is this synopsis so long? I haven’t got time to type all this! For the full synopsis click here:

Book facts-ish: Goodreads doesn’t have a lot of information on this book. For what I can gather it is a self publish. I have no idea when it was published. It’s part of a series that has at least ten parts and this book was 295 pages long. It was a really easy read and I read it in a couple of hours. It has an average rating of 4.09 stars on Goodreads but it isn’t heavily reviews (89 reviews in total not including me). I’m opting for a 2.5 star rating (3 on Goodreads) and I will tell you why below.

Spoiler FULL review: I picked up this book on Kindle Unlimited because I was looking for some light hearted new adult romance. I’m eagerly awaiting Colleen Hoover’s new book so I just needed a little something to get me through.

This book started off great and I thoroughly enjoyed the first third. But I have big issues with this book. First I found editing errors. Now anyone who regularly reads my blog knows I’m hardly one to talk but I just hope this book hasn’t been professionally edited because if it has, this woman’s been ripped off.

Secondly there’s a part in the book where the male lead Caleb talks about a construction project and they both agree that it’s not the kind of thing a woman does. The gender stereotypes and outright sexism in this are appalling and off putting.

I also hated how one minute main character Ana is acting like an innocent child and the next is walking round like the boss. I understand personalities are interchangeable but there’s a difference between different personality aspects and different personalities all together.

The amount of characters in this book is borderline insane. I can kind of see that this series is going to go down the everyone gets their story told route. BUT I couldn’t keep up. I honestly have up trying and spent chucks of this book thinking that I didn’t know who the fuck most of these characters were. And some characters, like Ana’s gran just seemed pointless. They added NOTHING to the story.

There’s one scene where Ana and her mother talked about sex that made me cringe to high heaven. There’s a difference between a mother and daughter being open and her mother just being some kind of creepy voyeur. I felt so uncomfortable!

Celeb and Ana’s relationship was odd to say the least. He was taking advantage of her, she’s emotionally blackmailing him and they go from zero to sixty and back again about a hundred times. This book is insta love in the extreme. I don’t mind insta love but what? I don’t care if they were kinda friends before it was just unrealistic, even for a romance novel.

Saying all this you’d presume I’m going to stop with this book. You’re wrong. I don’t know why but I have such an urge to read the next one. So I’m going too. I’ll let you know how I get on, maybe it’ll get better?


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