Films I wish were books.

I know usually people write blogs about books they’d love to see as films. I on the other hand, have a list of films that I really wish were in book form. So here they are…

Lost In Translation: I was honestly completely obsessed with this film. It is so magical to me. Do I wish it was a book? More than anything! I’d especially love a sequel to the film to find out what happened to Charlotte and Bob.

Sliding Doors: I thought this film was just the greatest. I think this would make just the greatest book! Such emotion.

The Matrix: Don’t you just think this would make an awesome book? It would be action packed and mind blowing. I think this being a book would just be amazing and gripping!

American Beauty: This film was amazing but could you imagine being in the heads of these people? I think it would have made a really intreguing book.

Juno: I think Juno would be an amazing graphic novel/diary of a young girl facing pregnancy.

Bridesmaids: Just because I loved the film so much. It would make an hilarious book.

Pretty Woman: Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could hear both sides of the story? Or find out what happened after the film. I NEED this to be a book.

Clerks: This film is so relatable, I could see this as an awesome graphic novel.

My Mad Fat Diary: I realise this is already a book, but it was so disappointing. I want a book of the t.v. series (yes I also realise this isn’t a film). I need the book to be a million times better than it actually was.

The Babadook: My boyfriend HATED this film, I loved it. This would make a great book, maybe intertwining between the protagonist and the book used in the film itself. I think this would make a terrifying read.

The Conjuring: Give me diary entries and investigation logs and creepy photographs please!

Looper: This film blew my mind, but it was so much information in such a short amount of time. I would love the luxury of full explanations and time to let things settle in my brain. I’d also love The Repo Man to be a book in the same way.

Black Swan: because how amazing would this be as a book? This book would be so completely crazy. And I’d love to read her descent into madness (or was it?).

I’m sure there are loads more and I may do a part two at some point. Apologies if any of these films are actually books and I’ve just missed it. Which film do you wish was a book? Let me know in the comments below!

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