The Siren by Kiera Cass

From the author of The Selection series (which I didn’t have a huge interest in reading until now) comes The Siren.

Synopsis: Love is a risk worth taking. I’d waited an eternity for this. I’d have waited all over again if I had to. I was meant to kiss this boy, designed to be held by him. All the careful postures I held melted away, and I pulled him closer. 

We we’re stars.

We we’re music.

We we’re time.

The facts(ish). This book was published in July 2009, which is was before I thought it was. I thought this was a new read! It was published by The book is 327 pages long. I read this book over 2 days in about 5 hours. I didn’t want to rush this book, I wanted to savour it.

“The music was intoxicatingly beautiful, like a hymn to the devout.”

The spoiler zone: I’m giving this book a solid 4 stars. There’s only two things that stop this from being a 5 stars; the fact that I wouldn’t read this again and the amount of time I felt it got to the conclusion and plus the fact that I guessed the ending WELL before the end.

The first thing that drew me to this book, beyond the rave reviews on Booktube was the cover. This cover is beautiful. For me this cover completely sums up the feel for this book. The cover gave me goosebumps, the synopsis gave me full on chills.

I loved the characters in these books. I don’t think there was a character is this that I didn’t relate too, that I didn’t feel connected too. Any author who can make me have emotions for the ocean, makes the sea humanistic, to me has an amazing talent. This book is just beautifully written. And it broke my heart more than once. 

And to me the ending was perfection. It was obvious but perfect. 

I no longer want to be a mermaid but I loved this story none the less.


“…you look like you’ve made and broken a lot of things and then made them all over again”.

“She told me to live… I didn’t know how to tell Her that simply being alive was not enough to be called living”.


3 thoughts on “The Siren by Kiera Cass

  1. Lauren says:

    I thought this was new as well! I might pick it up, but I’m a little wary of Kiera Cass. I enjoyed the first two books of The Selection, but I’m disappointed with how much she stretched it in the supposed “trilogy”.

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