Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Illuminae, lets face it, THE most beautiful book in the world. This isn’t just opinion, it’s fact.

Illuminae is 599 pages long. I couldn’t believe how big this book was when I picked it up. Most young adult books I come across tend to be 400 pages at a push. When you see the layout of the book it instantly becomes a lot less intimidating and I read it like a book that’s half the size. This book was published in October last year (I’m so impressed that I’m reading all these pretty new books at the moment) and was published by Knopf Books for Young Readers.

This book is a young adult sci-fi about two teens, who after their planet is attacked are evacuated onto ships that turn out to be infested with a deadly plague.

I think the first thing every one notices is how beautiful the book is. It is orange and shiny and has a tag line on the front that immediately made me want to pick it up and glide through the places. I’ve seen this book all over booktube and bookstagram, I thought I knew what this book was about but it didn’t click to me that this book was set in space. I am not a massive sci-fi lover and anything I do read sci-fi is situated firmly on earth and not in a space ship. I have no interest in spaceship reading. So you might be thinking then why the hell did you carry on reading it? Why? Because I couldn’t stop. I think what pulled me in is this book was insanely character led for a sci-fi. I even liked the freaking on board computer! If you want to read a sci-fi but like me space things usually put you off, then give this a go, there’s so much going on that the space stuff kind of just becomes a bi-product of the story.

I’ve read a couple of multi-media type stories before. If I’m honest with you it’s usually zombie apocalypse books with a mad diary and a couple of report entries. Though I find them fun I really believe most of these books wouldn’t be a good enough story had they not had the gimmicky stuff in. This book could be a straight story and it would still be incredible. It is just beautifully written. The format of the book doesn’t add to the story for me, but it did make reading this book so much fun. I honestly just loved it.

This book currently has 4.3 star rating on Goodreads. I’m giving this a 4 star. Mainly because although I thoroughly enjoyed it I can’t ever see myself picking this up again. Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments what you thought.


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