The Diary of a Teenage Girl by Pheobe Gloeckner.

“I don’t remember being born. I was a very ugly child. My appearance has not improved so I suppose it was a lucky break when he was attracted to my youthfulness.”

This book is something that I’ve been looking forward too since before I even knew it existed. A graphic novel, a diary, beautiful illustrated pages, part biography and part adult realisation. I just loved this book so much.

Now for the facts. The edition I read was a revised edition I think was published for the film coming out. It’s on Netflix and the reason I found this book. I loved the film too, reading the book made me love how true they were too it. This book was originally published in Febuary 2002 by Frog Books. It’s 320 pages of wonderfulness.

I love the cover of this book, it feels as lovely as it looks. Because this book is part graphic novel and part illustrated, the book is just completely beautiful. Phoebe’s illustrations are so perfect, so amazing. I also loved how it has a ‘this book belongs to’ section which is, to me, being a teenager.

This book is a beautiful mixture between adult content and the obvious teenage innocence. This book is just following the rule that when your a teenager you think you know a ton more than you actually do.

I think this book does come with a trigger warning for rape and substance abuse but that is all part of the story. This book is a fascinating portrayal and look into the life of this girl. I laughed at parts and cried at other. The word for this book is moving, or progressive.

Thanksor reading! More reviews soon no doubt.


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