You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell

My friend Abi introduced me to Jill Mansell (her books not her) when we were teenagers and I went through a massive stage where I read book after book of hers until I wore them thin. Then I haven’t really read another (that I can think of) in about 10 years. Then last year I read an A-Z by Jill Mansell of her favourite things which was free on Amazon and really cute. Since then I’ve been thinking I ought to pick up another of her books.

I came across You and Me, Always because although I have a ton of books to read I didn’t want to read any of them and I’m ill so I was already throwing a paddy. This was only £1.99! It is 368 pages of loveliness. It was published in January this year by Headline Review.

Reading this book brought back the whole flow of Jill Mansell. She has a writing style that she sticks with that instantly made the book familiar even though I’d never read it before. There is comfort in the way she writes. Not that there isn’t excitement in her books. This novel is jammed packed with twists and turns.

I always love her characters. These lot were no exception and I feel like they’re my friends now so I’m sad now the book is over. And I thought I’d guessed so many endings and plot twists just to be absolutely wronged every time.

This book isn’t going to change lives and I probably won’t remember it in a few months time (I have read a few of Jill’s books before more than once only remembering half way through that I have read them before). Still this book just made me happy, if you love romance and something that isn’t too serious then you should read this. It’s super cute 🙂


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